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Release Date:13-1-2012.
Watched At: Susheel 70MM.
Show timing:8:00 AM.
Cast:Mahesh Babu,Kajal,Prakash raj,Sayaji Shinde..
Banner: R.R.Movie Makers.
Music Director: Thaman.
Direction-Screenplay-Dialogue: Puri Jagannath.
My Rating:2/5.

Story:  Surya(Mahesh Babu) Goes From Hyderabad To Mumbai To To Make An Impact As A Don.He Starts Off  As A Small Don And Grows Big In Ample Of time.he The Meets Kajal Who Is A Painter And Daughter Of Dcp Comes Some Scenes Between Mahesh Babu And Kajal.
MeanWhile Cheif Minister Of Andhrapradesh Prakash Raj Involves In Lots Of Scams And Frauds.Targeting Him On This Issues Sayaji Shinde Plans To Grab The CM Seat.For This he Seeks The Help Of Surya(Mahesh Babu) Who Is A Kingpin.Then rest of The Story Is
Whether He Cloud Able To Tackle Prakash Raj?
Why Sayaji Shinde Took The Help Of Surya?
And Did Surya Actually Love the Kajal?

Direction And Dialogue:

In Puri Jagannath Films Dialogue Plays The Significant role And The same Applies for This Film Also.But In This Film The Dose Of  Dialogue To Present the hero Character Is Full Of Foul Language.One Cloud Able To Easily get with The Lip Sync And Utter The Word Easily.In Simple,”Banda Boothulu” Unnayi Cinemala.
Another Important Thing Is Puri Jagannath Tries Hard To Come Out Of Pokiri Mania.But He Fails At Some Places.Especially In Pre-Interval Scenes.
Election Episode In The Second Half Is Good And The Dialogues In This episode Are Top class.
It Is The Time For him to Make Some Different Films And Try In Another Genre.He Became Predictable. 

Mahesh Babu:
This Movies Is Made Only for Mahesh babu. Through t the Film You could Hardly Find scenes without Him.He Continues The”Mukku Chedudu” Mannersim From Pokiri.He Does well in Action Sequences.
But Nothing New From Mahesh Babu.
Dances By Mahesh Babu Are Laughable.

Kajal As Usually Irritates With Regular Action But Has Something…

"No Brahmanandam,M.S Narayana This Time To Save Mahesh Babu’s Film".


Thaman Who Is On High These Days Tries Something Differnt for This film.
"Sir Ostharu.." Song Is Already A Hit Among People.

Other Departments:

Shyam Naidu who Looks After The Camera For Puri films Does Well And He Shot The Songs very Well.

Fights By Ram-Laxman(not Sure)Are Good.

Final Verdict:

The Run Of This Film Depends On The Fate Of Body Guard.The Main Backdrop for This Film Is Explicit Content Due To Which It loses Family Audiences.
But Due To Its Grand Release It Hits The First Day Records Very Well.
Strictly Average Film With 3- 4 Weeks Run.

(Note:Commenting on some one’s creation is not recommended..But in case of films it is recommended because it is  mere a product and we are the consumers..So we have the liberty to comment it and such is this one.) 



Movie:Rock star-Hindi.
Director:Imtiaz Ali.
Release Date:11-11-2011.Watched At:Gemini,Screen-2,7:00PM.Cast:Ranbir Kapoor,Nargis Fakhri..

My Rating:3/5.

Film Starts Extravagantly With JORDAN (Ranbir Kapoor) Jumping The Barricades,Gates And Scuffling With Police Of Parague Where He Has To Give A Concert.Then The Scenes Go Back And Forth With JORDAN Singing “Jo Bhi Main Hoon”.Now Lets Get Into The Story..

Janardhan(Ranbir Kapoor)Is A College Student With Some Guitar Playing Skills And Idiotic Friends.He Finds A Small Time Mentor For Himself In The Canteen Owner Bhai Who Tells Him To Get The Pain And  Experience The Same.He Also Tells Him That The Creative Artists And Musical Legends Are The True Make outs Of Such Pain.He Then In Pursuit Of Such Pain Meets A Girl Nargis Of Hi-Fi Class Society Where He Proposes To Her at The First Talk.He Gets Rejected And Begin To Act Like HE Is In Pain.Later The Girl Becomes Friends Of His And The Two Some Witty Things All The Day By Writing Them Down In A Paper.The Girl Is Engaged And All Set To Get Married After 2 Months.She Finds A Companion In Janardhan To Make All Silly Fantasies Of Her To Be Real.
Now The Man Is Familiar With His family And Goes All The Way To Kashmir To Attend The Marriage,Where Both Tend To Part Ways And Meet After 2 Years And Make A Deal That At That Time Of Meet Who Gets Envied And Jealous Of Losing Each Other Is A Failure.

After This Janardhan Gets rejected by The Family For going To Kashmir And Gets Kicked Out OF The House.He Then Finds A Soul Companion In Allah And Stays At Hazrat Nizamuudin Dargah,Where He Sings Sufi Songs.
Later His Talent Is Recognized By The Canteen Bhai An Gets Him A deal With The Platinum Music Company Which Offers A Sponsorship For His Musical Concerts.
His Stage Name Is JORDAN Given By Nargis.

He Is Aggressive,Maniac,Stupid, Arrogant,Beats Up the journos,Beats The Police.But He Is Liked By The Entire Nation.He Is The Sensation.But Due To The Over Content Of This He Gets Arrested And Put In Jail for Some Offences.
He Is famous By Now And Meets Nargis And Both Goes Out For Some Fun Though She Got Married.But After Some Scenes She Rejects Him Saying That She Has Some Neural Disorder She Will Not Live Long.But JORADAN Does Not Leave Her for Himself.And The Rest Of The Story What He Have Achieved.
Ranbir Kappor:
Excellent Acting By Ranbir Kapoor.He Has Pretty Good Job.He Performed All the Emotions Perfectly.No Complaints.Especially His Acting As Rock star On The Public Stages Is Fantastic.He Proved Himself As A Versatile Actor With This Film.
Nargis Fakhri:
Probably She Passed The Screen Test With Only Her Face And Not With The Acting Skills.She IS A Total Waste In This Film.The Character Has The Lot Of Potentiality But The Actress Makes It Look Average. Could Have Been More Better If It Could Be Others(With Some Acting Skills).
Director(Imtiaz Ali):
Imtiaz Ali,Maker Of Love Aaj Kal And ,Jab We Met Comes With fresh Plot And Aggressive One.But Misses The Track with His Poor Story Telling This Time. Screenplay too Has Some Jerks And Jumps Which Makes The Film Confusing.PAst/present/Future Comes One After Another,Which Is Confusing And Boring.
But He Has Done Superb Job By Choosing This Film And Executing In Such Way IS Truly Great.Could Have Been More Better With The Good Screenplay.
His View Point That Every Legendary Artist Of Any Art Has Some Sadistic And Painful Present And Past With Him Is Extraordinary.
He Is The Soul Of The Film He Got Completely Involved In The Project And Has Given Super Songs And Background Music.He Has Done Lot Of Experimenting With This Film.Italian Music With Hindi Lyrics Is Awesome.
Other Departments:
Anil Mehta Has Done Good Job With Camera.Kashmir Locations And Other Locations In Paraguay Were shot Excellently.
Editing Is Random And Is Confusing.
Final Verdict:
Good Concept With Soapy Story And Confused Story telling Makes The Film Little Downgrade And Is Fantastically Failed.But Finally Its All About Pain.



Movie: Dhookudu.

Date Of Release,Watched At : 23 September,Raam 10:00 Pm.

Cast: Superstar Mahesh Babu,Brahmanadam,M.S Narayana,Prakash Raj,Samantha..

Director: Sreenu Vaitla.


Banner: 14 Reels Entertainment.

My Rating : 1.95/5.

Story :

Ajay Kumar (Mahesh Babu) Is Energetic And Powerful Young Police Officer Is On An Operation To Capture Under World Don Nayak(Sonu Sood) Who Lives In Dubai.In This Process Of His Operation He Goes To Turkey To Arrest Nayak’s Brother Bunty  Where He sees Prashanthi And Fell In Love With Her Who Happens To Be The Daughter Of His Senior Officer.

Mean While The Father Of Ajay(Mahesh Babu) Shankara Narayana(Prakash Raj) A Local Leader Of The 1980’s  Comes Out Of Coma After A Long Time Due To A Planned Conspiracy To Murder Him By His Rivals.Doctors Advises That He Should Be Treated Well And Must Be Taken Care So That He Should Not Get Emoted And Over Reacted.Ajay Plans For A Setup So As To Create The Environment And The Situations That Are Familiar To Shankar Naryana And Tries To keep Him Happy.And The Twist Comes As A Plan For The Murder Of Shankara Narayana Was Actually Done By Nayak,Mallesh(kota) And His Aides.Upon Knowing This How Ajay(Mahesh Babu) Plans For The Murder Of Those People And How He Takes Of His The Rest.

 Analysis :

Mahesh Babu :

Mahesh Babu Has Improved His Comedy Timing Compared To His Last films.He Looks Good As A Police Officer And Some Of The Dialogues By Him In Telangana Slang Are Ordinary.Costumes Are Worst By Director’s Wife.The Costumes Doesn’t Suit For Mahesh Babu.

Dances Too Are Below Average.”Chul Buli”Song Reminds Of “Kilimanjaro” from Robo,But This Is Worst With The Dances And Useless Side Dancers.

Fights Are Extra And Beyond The One’s Understanding. Pre-Interval Fight Reminds Me Of C-Grade Japanese Kung Fu Movie.Fights Are Major Back Drop For This Film.

Direction :

Sreenu Vaitla Confirms His Place Among The Roddest Directors Of TeluguFilm Industry Like Meher Ramesh,V.V. Vinayak,Y.V.S Chowdhary With This Film.Anything More Than This About The Director will be Waste Of My Time And The Readers’.

Poor Direction, Story Makes This Film Avoidable.I Really Wondered How Mahesh Babu Accepted This Film.Literally The Film Has No Standard Or Potential Story.

Usual Rotten Comedy By Brahmandam.Only In Some Scenes He Actually Makes You Smile.

But The Character Of M.S. Narayana Actually Brings Lots Of Laugh.Through Out The Whole Film He Appears In The Costumes Of Ram Charan From Orange.

One More Back Drop How Mahesh Accepted To The References Of Other Heros’ In His Film I Really Didn’t Liked It.

Music :

Another Worst Album And Back Ground Music From Thaman.He Takes Considerably  Less Amount For The Music Of Film Like 15-20 lakh.So He Is Having Good Time .

Others :

Samantha Is Only For songs.Prakash Raj As Usual Does His Extraa,Over,Full Of Unwanted Expressions Action Which He Has Been Doing For The Ages.

Kota Srinivasa Rao,Sonu Sood,Vennela Kishore,Master Bharath Are Wasted.

K.V.Guhan’s Cinematography Is Not Upto His Name.Coold HAve Been More Better.

Below Average Film With No Story Which Has The Capability To Be One Of The Flops Of Mahesh Babu’s Career. Sreenu Vaitla Successfully Makes His Name To The Worst Directors Of TFI.

(Note:Commenting on some one’s creation is not recommended..But in case of films it is recommended because it is  mere a product and we are the consumers..So we have the liberty to comment it and such is this one.)


Movie: Gambler(Telugu Dubbed Version Of “Mankatha”Tamil).

Cast: “Thala”Ajith,Arjun,Vaibhav,Trisha,Lakshmi Rai,Premji Amaren…

Director: Venkat Prabhu

Genre:  Action,Thriller,Comedy.

Watched At: Sunil,10:00pm,9/9/2011.

My Rating: 4/5.

Story And What’s The Film Is All About :

ACP Vinayak Mahadev(Thala Ajith) A Over Desired ,Greedy,Self Contentious,prehensile And Much More Ill Minded  But Well Styled Get Suspended For 6 Months For Helping In The Eviction of a Bookie.He Gets Closer To A Betting Kingpin Reddy Gaaru Through  His Daughter “Trisha”.Reddy Gaaru Plans For  Major Betting Event In His Club Of Worth 500 Crore,Which Has The Stakes Of Famous Politicians,Celebrities.TheClose Associates Of Reddy Gaaru  Suman(vaibhav),Sp Rajesh Kumar,Mahat And IIT Gradute Prem Plans To The Steal That Money From The Boss Itself.Later Vinayak Threats Them And Join With Them To Steal.

Mean While Betting business  and illegal money laundering  become rampant in india, pressures from the betting business people leads to the death of a Police.This Leads for The Establishment of Special Police Team To Tackle Betting Headed By Prudhvi raj(Arjun).This Police Team Plans For The Raid On The Club Of Reddy Gaaru And Plans To Get Hold Of  500 Crore Black Money.

And The Remaining Story Is All About

How The Team OF Ajith Steal The Money And Whether They Could Able To Get Equal Share Of The Money?

Whether The Police Get To The scene And Capture The Money Or Not?

Finally,What Led Ajith To Steal The Money And Help The Bookie In Eviction Without The Concern For His Job?



 Ajith Simply followed The Style And Attitude Of George Clooney From Oceans’ Eleven Which Suits Him Very Well.Since This Is His 50th Film He Took Much Care In His Looks And Styling .Though The Character is Not A positive One Kudos To Him For Selecting Such Character For His Land Mark Film And Excelling In It The Core.
His Expressions And Body Language Are Super And Can Be Remembered For A Long Time.In The Pre-Interval Scene He Simply Rocked With His Narration In How To Tackle The Situation In Distributing The money. 
The Whole Second Half Credit Belongs To Ajith.His Action Reminded Me Of Al Pacino in Scarface .Though The Climax Is Predictable His Dialogues And face Expressions Makes The Scenes Intense And Drags The Attention.

NO Complaints.Truly Fascinating Performance From  Ajith .All Accolades Goes To  Thala Ajith.

Direction and Screenplay:

Venkat Prabhu is One Of The Few Directors I Like The Most.His Films Are Simple with no Much Dragging Scenes And Lengthy Dialogues.His Comic Touch I Almost Very Scenes In This Movie Is Super ,But In Some Scenes It Lacks The Freshness.
He Publicized This Film As”Venkat Prabhu’s Game”.Really This Is Film IS Game But The Film Of This Genre Are Old In Hollywood.But What Makes This Different Is The Humor In The Serious Scenes And Some Good Action.

Music And Other Departments:

The Back Ground Music By Yuvan Is Good But I Some Scenes It Is Loud.Especially The Slow Paced  Violin BGM When Ajith Hits The People is Truly Intelligent It Marks and Brings The Feel The Legacy And Royale Which Truly Depicts The Protagonist.

Cinematography By Shakti Is Good.Art By Saboo Cyril Makes Mark In One OF The Songs With Trisha.

Comedy By Prem Ji  Amaren Is Asusual  Good As His Previous Films.He Makes The Spoof Of Tamil Heros’ Very Good.

FINAL VERDICT:Watch It Though You Have Watched Lot Of Such Films.Sense Of Some Difference Is Present In this Film And That Is Simply Ajith.

(Note:Commenting on some one’s creation is not recommended..But in case of films it is recommended because it is  mere a product and we are the consumers..So we have the liberty to comment it and such is this one.)


Cast:Naga Chaitanya,Kajal,Rahul Dev…,.
Director:Ajay Bhuyan.
Banner:Sri Kamakshi Creations.
Release:11th August.
Watched At:Laxman-10:00 pm-11th August.

Vishwa(Nc) is a student in america and is a cool guy survived with the married brother and is a happy family.Riya (kajal) is the daughter of the rich businessman who doesn’t care about her daughter.Riya lives in the past memories of his dead mother and is depressed.Rahul dev(Don’t remember his character name) plays a Gangster who sells the women and has a dealing with the kelly dorjee.In an attempt to rescue a women from Rahul Dev’s Brother Vishwa creates the mess and brings Huge loss to the Gangster.What follows is all about the tracing out the whereabout of vishwa and take revenge by the gangsters.And the rest is all about twist in the story whichh adds up to the climax and how Viswa able to get the riya and end the gangster.


The Opening Of the film is nice and the Chase is good but throwing a iphone to get a man down is costly and laughable.The cinematography of the film is pretty good, but at the opening sequence you could see the shadow of the helicopter from where the shaot was taken and in chase in the tunnel where hero’s brother run you could see the shadow of the crew caryying equipment.other than these it is pretty job done by by Gnanashekar.

Naga chaitanya and others Performances:

The main and actual intention of this film is to project Naga Chaitanya as a mass and commercial hero is utterly wasted.No Significant performance from Naga Chaitanya.For a mass flick the tone diction and dialogue delivery is very important but he failed and you cuold actually laugh at the punch dialogues and some serious ones.Dances are under quality and kudos for  Naga Chaitanya for some dance moments.I think there should be no worry for him to become  a mass hero..He is well fitted in the cool guy films and he should be in that or else must do something very large to come out as commercial hero.Such work of this film is less for that status.

Kajal is irritating in this film and much a do about noting.The Wig of hers in this film is like a bowl upside on her head.It is irritating and does not suit her.As a depressed girl who lives in the past her action is Average.

Sri Ram the brother character is of less span and offer a twist is passable .Rahul Dev is ok to some extent with telling a new story for every time about the loss of his leg.
Brahmanandam as Chocolate janaki yet again irritates the audience with his some insane comedy where you hardly even smile.Ali too wasted.Others have small characters and nothing good.

Direction and other departments: 

The whole criticism must go to the director of this film for wasting some 23 crore and wasting the audience time.Ajay Bhuyan Who has  degree form IIT is crap and there is actually no story in this film .He said he took 3 years to improvise this story i felt bad about such a quality time being wasted for such a film.

The screenplay of the film is dragging and he should have avoided lot of flashback descriptions which tested the audience patience.He failed to extract the action from the artists and unnecessary appearances of lot of comedians is useless.
Lot of scenes are directly lifted from Some English films..some of them are..
1.The Fight at Some fight club is from “Sherlock Holmes”.
2.The rescue of heroine from a locked and drowned car is from “Transporter”.
3.Drift are scenes are from “Tokyo Drift”.
4.Climax fight is from “Mission Impossible”. 
Pity the director what does he think of audience.Such is technology that every one are getting a handful knowledge of English films..  

The only good aspect of the film is Production Values.Richness is evident and is appreciable. 

Music by Devi sri prasad is not notable and the last song is good but the pub set for some mass song is not understandable.

Final View :

The Film is a total disappointment for fans(if they exist) and disgusting for the audience.
Passable film and even if you try to watch in home you could complete it by 3 o4 days  but not in a single watch.
Neeku 2 options istha cinema choosi edusthava.Edchukuntu cinema choosthava

(Note:Commenting on some one’s creation is not recommended..But in case of films it is recommended because it is  mere a product and we are the consumers..So we have the liberty to comment it ans such is this one.)


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