Movie:Rock star-Hindi.
Director:Imtiaz Ali.
Release Date:11-11-2011.Watched At:Gemini,Screen-2,7:00PM.Cast:Ranbir Kapoor,Nargis Fakhri..

My Rating:3/5.

Film Starts Extravagantly With JORDAN (Ranbir Kapoor) Jumping The Barricades,Gates And Scuffling With Police Of Parague Where He Has To Give A Concert.Then The Scenes Go Back And Forth With JORDAN Singing “Jo Bhi Main Hoon”.Now Lets Get Into The Story..

Janardhan(Ranbir Kapoor)Is A College Student With Some Guitar Playing Skills And Idiotic Friends.He Finds A Small Time Mentor For Himself In The Canteen Owner Bhai Who Tells Him To Get The Pain And  Experience The Same.He Also Tells Him That The Creative Artists And Musical Legends Are The True Make outs Of Such Pain.He Then In Pursuit Of Such Pain Meets A Girl Nargis Of Hi-Fi Class Society Where He Proposes To Her at The First Talk.He Gets Rejected And Begin To Act Like HE Is In Pain.Later The Girl Becomes Friends Of His And The Two Some Witty Things All The Day By Writing Them Down In A Paper.The Girl Is Engaged And All Set To Get Married After 2 Months.She Finds A Companion In Janardhan To Make All Silly Fantasies Of Her To Be Real.
Now The Man Is Familiar With His family And Goes All The Way To Kashmir To Attend The Marriage,Where Both Tend To Part Ways And Meet After 2 Years And Make A Deal That At That Time Of Meet Who Gets Envied And Jealous Of Losing Each Other Is A Failure.

After This Janardhan Gets rejected by The Family For going To Kashmir And Gets Kicked Out OF The House.He Then Finds A Soul Companion In Allah And Stays At Hazrat Nizamuudin Dargah,Where He Sings Sufi Songs.
Later His Talent Is Recognized By The Canteen Bhai An Gets Him A deal With The Platinum Music Company Which Offers A Sponsorship For His Musical Concerts.
His Stage Name Is JORDAN Given By Nargis.

He Is Aggressive,Maniac,Stupid, Arrogant,Beats Up the journos,Beats The Police.But He Is Liked By The Entire Nation.He Is The Sensation.But Due To The Over Content Of This He Gets Arrested And Put In Jail for Some Offences.
He Is famous By Now And Meets Nargis And Both Goes Out For Some Fun Though She Got Married.But After Some Scenes She Rejects Him Saying That She Has Some Neural Disorder She Will Not Live Long.But JORADAN Does Not Leave Her for Himself.And The Rest Of The Story What He Have Achieved.
Ranbir Kappor:
Excellent Acting By Ranbir Kapoor.He Has Pretty Good Job.He Performed All the Emotions Perfectly.No Complaints.Especially His Acting As Rock star On The Public Stages Is Fantastic.He Proved Himself As A Versatile Actor With This Film.
Nargis Fakhri:
Probably She Passed The Screen Test With Only Her Face And Not With The Acting Skills.She IS A Total Waste In This Film.The Character Has The Lot Of Potentiality But The Actress Makes It Look Average. Could Have Been More Better If It Could Be Others(With Some Acting Skills).
Director(Imtiaz Ali):
Imtiaz Ali,Maker Of Love Aaj Kal And ,Jab We Met Comes With fresh Plot And Aggressive One.But Misses The Track with His Poor Story Telling This Time. Screenplay too Has Some Jerks And Jumps Which Makes The Film Confusing.PAst/present/Future Comes One After Another,Which Is Confusing And Boring.
But He Has Done Superb Job By Choosing This Film And Executing In Such Way IS Truly Great.Could Have Been More Better With The Good Screenplay.
His View Point That Every Legendary Artist Of Any Art Has Some Sadistic And Painful Present And Past With Him Is Extraordinary.
He Is The Soul Of The Film He Got Completely Involved In The Project And Has Given Super Songs And Background Music.He Has Done Lot Of Experimenting With This Film.Italian Music With Hindi Lyrics Is Awesome.
Other Departments:
Anil Mehta Has Done Good Job With Camera.Kashmir Locations And Other Locations In Paraguay Were shot Excellently.
Editing Is Random And Is Confusing.
Final Verdict:
Good Concept With Soapy Story And Confused Story telling Makes The Film Little Downgrade And Is Fantastically Failed.But Finally Its All About Pain.